How big are the dishes?

The largest size of our dishes is 74cm.

How long is the process, from booking to installation?

You should be up and running within 15 working days from providing payment details.

Does it support VOIP/Skype?

Yes, it does, but our phone package offers better service, usable with your existing phone.

Do I need a phone line?

No. Superior Broadband uses a two-way satellite system so it's independent of telephone lines.

I've heard that latency with satellite broadband can affect some applications?

There may be slight deviation from connection quality when you play certain online games, have video conversations or access certain secure office networks. We use software techniques to minimise this lag, including an Internet Protocol Accelerator (IPA).

What are non-standard installation charges?

Because of the physical layout of certain sites a dish cannot always get a clear line of sight using a standard wall mount. An alternative may be needed.

With some customers, additional time, services or other materials may be required, for example false ceilings, high roof/access areas etc. At that time, customers will need to pay these charges according to the installers instructions.

Can I send the broadband signal throughout the house?

The signal can be broadcast through your home with a wireless router. Superior Broadband lets you connect your computer via Windows, Macintosh or Linux operating systems. To get the most out of your internet experience, the minimum requirements are Windows 2000 PE or higher (including Windows XP and Vista) or Mac OS 10.1 or higher and Network capability (10/100 Ethernet pre-equipped).

Can the installation engineer connect up my home network?

Our engineers will install and demonstrate the system prior to the completion of the installation. However, due to the complexity of some business and home networks, we will not as a standard connect the system directly in to a network.

Where are Superior Broadband broadband services available?

Superior Broadband can provide broadband, phone and TV services anywhere, guaranteed. The availability of existing telephone, TV or other communications services in your area is of no relevance.

Is it possible to install the equipment myself?

We're reviewing the self-installation option, but in our opinion the best way to ensure quality of service is to have it set up by trained professionals.

How will I receive my bill?

Your bill will be sent monthly  by email to the email address that you gave us.

Will I be able to keep my number with Superior Broadband phone solution?

Yes, our phone package allows you to keep your existing phone number.

Does weather affect the dish?

The service is designed to cope with most weather conditions. During periods of extremely heavy rain or snow the radio signals could be reduced and you might experience a slight slowing of the service. There are, however, sophisticated automatic measures to increase power and compensate for any attenuation.

Where can I find full term and conditions?

Full terms & conditions can be found here.